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NO, you don't have to be a member or subscriber, as most of the sections within the website are free for Visitors to browse/enjoy. You can register as a “Silver Member (Online) ” which is FREE and have access to additional benefits and facilites or alternatively register as a Subscriber to just receive emails about events & special offers. Membership Information

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“Silver Membership (Online)” is FREE. From January 2020 “Silver Membership (London Events) is £25 per year, Gold Membership (London Events) is £50 per year. Membership Information

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Click here to access our “Contact Us” page and send an email to Spencer, our Club Secretary. Emails are aimed to be answered within 1-2 working days.

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The contact details that you give us are for our records only. When you choose your online “ScreenName”, this is the name that other members will know you by. It is your decision which Circa-Club members you reveal your identity to. We only use your email address for: any maintenance of your profile that you request, to send you our monthly UK LGBT events calendar, special offers and alerts re messages that your personal Circa-Club Mailbox (In Box) has received. Your contact details are not disclosed to any third party.

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How are the Circa-Club "Our Members" selected?

Randomly by the computer each month.

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Just click on Circa-Club Business Directory Application and enter your business details. Once done press SUBMIT and follow the prompts. We will manually verify/validate your business directory profile and it will be displaying within 2-3 working days. Any questions email Spencer.

How else can I promote my Business to Circa-Club Members, Subscribers & Visitors?

You can promote your Business through LogoLinks & Skyscrappers, Eshots or sponsorship of our Events. Marketing information available on request.

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LogIn to your “My Account” where you have the facility to “hide” your Profile or “delete” your Profile.


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  • 01 Sep – Jeffrey Buttle (1982–), Canadian figure skater, 2008 World Champion
  • 02 Sep – Ferdinand Karsch (1853–1936), German zoologist & sexologist
  • 03 Sep – Michael Huffington (1947–), American politician, former Republican congressman (California) & film producer
  • 05 Sep – Freddie Mercury (1946–1991), British musician
  • 06 Sep – Julien Green (1900–1998), American expatriate writer
  • 06 Sep – Sylvester (1947–1988) American singer
  • 07 Sep – Michael Feinstein (1956–), American singer & pianist
  • 07 Sep – Rudy Galindo (1969–), American figure skater, 1996 World Bronze Medalist
  • 07 Sep – Paul Iacono (1988–), American actor
  • 07 Sep – Peter Wheatley (1947–), English Anglican bishop
  • 08 Sep – Siegfried Sassoon (1886–1967), English poet, author & soldier
  • 08 Sep – Mark Foley (1954–), American politician, former Republican congressman (Florida) &radio host
  • 09 Sep – Paul Goodman (1911–1972), American sociologist & poet
  • 09 Sep – John Curry (1949–1994), British figure skater, 1976 Olympic Champion
  • 10 Sep – Pope Julius III (1487-1555), Head of the Roman Catholic church, 1550-1555
  • 10 Sep – Karl Lagerfeld (1933–2019), German fashion designer, artist & photographer
  • 11 Sep – D. H. Lawrence (1885–1930), English novelist, poet, playwright, essayist & literary critic
  • 12 Sep – Leslie Cheung (1956–2003), Hong Kong film actor & musician
  • 14 Sep – Pier Vittorio Tondelli (1955–1991), Italian novelist
  • 14 Sep – Rob McCall (1958–1991), Canadian ice dancer, 1988 Olympic Bronze Medalist
  • 16 Sep – Wilhelm von Gloeden (1856–1931), German photographer
  • 18 Sep – Trajan (53-117), Roman emperor
  • 19 Sep – Brian Epstein (1934–1967), English music manager (The Beatles)
  • 19 Sep – Riyad Vinci Wadia (1967–2003), Indian independent filmmaker
  • 21 Sep – Philippe I, Duke of Orléans (1640–1701), younger brother of King Louis XIV
  • 21 Sep – Edgars Rinkēvičs (1973–), Latvian politician
  • 23 Sep – Manvendra Singh Gohil (1965–), Indian Prince
  • 24 Sep – William Dobell (1899–1970), Australian sculptor & painter
  • 25 Sep – Pedro Almodóvar (1949–), Spanish film director & producer
  • 29 Sep – William Thomas Beckford (1760–1844), English novelist, travel writer & also the richest commoner in England at the time