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  • 01 Aug – Yves Saint Laurent(1936–2008), French fashion designer
  • 01 Aug – Lionel Bart (1930 – 1999), British writer.& composer of pop music/musicals inc Oliver
  • 02 Aug – James Baldwin(1924–1987), American novelist
  • 04 Aug – Walter Pater(1839–1894), English essayist & art critic
  • 04 Aug – Marcus Urban(1971–), German footballer & diversity adviser
  • 04 Aug – Rudi van Dantzig(1933–2012), Dutch choreographer, ballet dancer & writer
  • 05 Aug – Heward Grafftey(1928–2010), Canadian politician & business executive
  • 06 Aug – Jim McGreevey(1957–), American seminarian & politician, former Gov of New Jersey
  • 06 Aug – Andy Warhol(1928–1987), American painter, printmaker & filmmaker
  • 08 Aug – Michael Urie(1980–), American actor, television producer & director
  • 09 Aug – Michael Kors(1959–), American fashion designer
  • 10 Aug – Andrew Sullivan(1963–), English author & political commentator
  • 11 Aug – Angus Wilson(1913–1991), English novelist & short story writer
  • 13 Aug – Herb Ritts(1952–2002), American fashion photographer
  • 13 Aug – Domenico Dolce(1958–), Italian fashion designer (Dolce & Gabbana)
  • 13 Aug – Sam Champion(1961–), American TV personality & weather anchor
  • 14 Aug – Horst P. Horst(1906–1999), German-American fashion photographer
  • 14 Aug – Nick Grimshaw a.k.a Grimmy – (1984-), English radio/tv presenter
  • 14 Aug – Mark Pocan(1964–), American Democratic congressman (Wisconsin)
  • 18 Aug – Marcel Carné(1906–1996), French film director
  • 19 Aug – Malcolm Forbes(1919–1990), American magazine publisher
  • 21 Aug – Miguel Vale de Almeida(1960–), Portuguese anthropologist, LGBT activist, professor & politician
  • 24 Aug – Stephen Fry(1957–), English actor, screenwriter, comedian & television presenter
  • 24 Aug – Marsha P. Johnson(August 24, 1945 – July 6, 1992) Gay Liberation Activist
  • 25 Aug – Ludwig II of Bavaria(1845–1886), King of Bavaria
  • 25 Aug – Leonard Bernstein(1918–1990), American conductor, composer, music lecturer & pianist
  • 25 Aug – Rob Halford (1951- ), English singer & songwriter, lead vocalist of heavy metal band Judas Priest
  • 26 Aug – Christopher Isherwood(1904–1986), English novelist
  • 27 Aug – Tom Ford(1961–), American fashion designer & film director
  • 29 Aug – Jean Lorrain(1855–1906), French poet, novelist & dandy
  • 30 Aug – Ben Bradshaw (1960- ), British politician, served as Secretary of State for Culture, Media & Sport (2009-2010). A member of the Labour Party, MP for Exeter since 1997