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Taurus: Apr 21 - May 21
Element: Earth
Birthstone: Emerald
Colour: Green

Birthdays of Famous Gay Men:
Jeremy Thorpe (29 April)
Rudolph Valentino (6 May)
Tchaikovskey (7May)
Salvador Dali (11 May)
Liberace (16May)

Daily Horoscope: You are acutely aware of all that is going on around you. You have a strong feeling about the way most things are likely to turn out. Friends will make comments about you not seeming to miss a thing. Your powers of observation will be a big help when you are called on to make a difficult decision.

Weekly Horoscope: Big changes are ahead. This could take you away from all that is familiar. Starting a new life can be nerve wracking for you but the sooner you accept how it has to be, the quicker you will adjust to new circumstances. There are others going through this with you and the emotional support this provides will be priceless. When everyone puts their mind to it in a group situation, good progress will be made. Someone in power will offer their full and unconditional support.

Monthly Horoscope: You will feel as if you're growing daily both spiritually and in many different ways. It's time to accept the person who you know inside your heart that you are supposed to be. It's time to accept yourself for who you truly are. This is the right time to make a plan for your relationships and life. If your life isn't going in the direction you want, regardless of whether it's your career, your love life or family activities, take action now. Do whatever you think is necessary to change direction. Remind yourself that you're the master of your personal destiny and that is true for your relationships. If you've been doing things to please people, it's time to rethink whether this is the right thing for you. And how can you satisfy yourself? If it's the work, money or other initiatives, it's essential to remain open and focused. It's also helpful to be aware that you don't have to handle everything by yourself. Contact a professional for guidance, support and advice. Take advantage of assistance when it's provided. If you need help, ask for it when it isn't being given. A joint financial agreement might be an excellent idea for the 13th, but given Mercury retrograde, it's worth giving the idea some thought prior to making any long-term commitment. You're ready to step ahead and be the person you are and were created to be. If that means a change to your career plan and direction, then go for it. You can't continue to live an existence that is unreal and not fulfilling. Make sure that you share the thoughts you have and your feelings more freely. Don't feel shy to express your opinions. In the same way that you listen to other people, your thoughts are just as important. Be sure to be clear about what you're thinking.

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  • 03 May - William Inge (1913–1973), American playwright & novelist
  • 04 May – Keith Haring (1958–1990), American artist
  • 04 May – Michael Barrymore (1952- ), English actor, comedian & tv presenter of games shows/light entertainment. Born Michael Ciaran Parker
  • 07 May – Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky (1840–1893), Russian composer
  • 08 May – Tom of Finland (1920–1991), Finnish artist
  • 09 May – Alan Bennett (1934–), English playwright, screenwriter, actor & author
  • 10 May – Scott Brison (1967–), Canadian politician & federal Cabinet Minister
  • 10 May – Steve Gunderson (1951–), American politician & business executive, former Republican congressman
  • 11 May – Christopher Bailey (1971–), English business exec, fashion designer, & CEO Burberry Group Inc.
  • 11 May – Valentino (1932–), Italian fashion designer
  • 12 May – Jared Polis (1975–), American Democratic congressman (Colorado), entrepreneur & philanthropist
  • 12 May – Gerry Studds (1937–2006), American politician, former Democratic congressman
  • 12 May – Robbie Rogers (1987–), American professional soccer player
  • 13 May – Armistead Maupin (1944–), American writer
  • 13 May – Réal Ménard (1962–), Canadian politician, political scientist & lawyer
  • 14 May – Magnus Hirschfeld (1868–1935), German physician & gay rights advocate
  • 16 May – Liberace (1919–1987), American entertainer & pianist
  • 16 May – Joey Graceffa (1991–), American YouTuber
  • 17 May – Robin Maugham, 2nd Viscount Maugham (1916–1981), British novelist, playwright,
  • 17 May – Howard Ashman (1950–1991), American playwright & lyricist
  • 17 May – Annise Parker (1956–), American politician & Mayor of Houston
  • 18 May – Charles Trenet (1913–2001), French singer & songwriter
  • 18 May – Don Bachardy (1934–), American portrait artist
  • 19 May – Sam Smith (1992–), British singer-songwriter
  • 20 May – Honoré de Balzac (1799–1850), French novelist & playwright
  • 20 May – Gregory Gray (1959–2019) Northern Irish singer-songwriter
  • 21 May – Raymond Burr (1917–1993) Canadian actor
  • 21 May – Tom Daley (1994–) British diver & tv personality
  • 21 May – Frederick of Hohenau (1857–1914) German aristocrat
  • 22 May – Harvey Milk (1930–1978) American politician
  • 22 May – Morrissey (1959–) English singer-songwriter
  • 22 May – Dale Winton (1955– 2018), English radio DJ & tv presenter
  • 24 May – Greg Berlanti (1972–) American television writer, producer & director
  • 25 May – Robert Ross (1869–1918), Canadian journalist & art critic
  • 25 May – Sir Ian McKellen (1939–) English actor
  • 25 May – Julian Clary (1959- ), English actor, comedian, novelist & presenter.
  • 26 May – Alan Hollinghurst (1954–) English novelist, poet & short story writer
  • 26 May – Henry Holland (1983- ), English fashion designer, businessman & blogger
  • 27 May – Chris Colfer (1990–) American actor
  • 29 May – Rupert Everett (1959–) English actor
  • 29 May – Gene Robinson (1947–) American Episcopalian bishop
  • 30 May – Bertrand Delanoë (1950–) French politician & former Mayor of Paris
  • 31 May – Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945–1982) German movie director & screenwriter
  • 31 May – Walt Whitman (1819–1892) American poet, essayist & journalist