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Mykonos - Greek Islands

Mykonos is now the most cosmopolitan island in the world, more famous than Capri, more fashionable than Hawaii. The question naturally arises: did this happen by chance, or does the island really deserve its fame?

To answer this picture a deep blue sea, covered with white waves, and set in it a bare island bathed in brilliant sunlight. Add to this a fishing harbour with caiques of every colour and an all-white town rising up the hillside from the sea shore. The domes and crosses of the innumerable churches stand out among the dazzlingly white houses, which are like cubes. And at the top of the hill, imagine that there are picturesque windmills with the wind in their white sails.

The alleyways of the town are paved and all the joins between the paving stones whitewashed. Every alley is a painting, every corner a revelation. On the right of the harbour the houses come down to the sea's edge. Everything is in contrast: the white houses and the blue sea, the multi-coloured window frames -a contrast in atmosphere that gleams with the freshness of the sea.

This in a few words is a picture of Mykonos, but any description is not the reality. There is only one answer: to go there, to see it for yourself, to form your own opinion. At night the village is like a film set with blazing lighting on the fashionable shops and fashionable queens. It is crowded and pretentious and the sheer density of gays is very off-putting – after all who goes to a distant Greek Island for a holiday just to meet all the people you want to get away from.

There are a few beaches but be warned by those famous windmills – there can be a vicious wind that will sandblast you with the fine sand making sunbathing and snorkelling impossible. On this island are some of the most pretentious queens you will meet anywhere concentrating on wearing the latest in swimwear and sunglasses more than anything else. It is not difficult to find a gay bar or restaurant or club on Mykonos just look around in the street and follow the sunglasses, fashion and cologne.

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